MACROGRAPH with its unique creative ideas creates an innovative space
where diverse media converge and creates a new business model with high value.

With the highest level of ICT digital technology, MACROGRAPH is capable of creative planning and contents production.
We continuously research and realize spatial contents and solutions that can be experienced realistically
in a variety of fields including new concept play, entertainment, education, sports, leisure, and culture.
Currently, we are mainly focusing on MRX, KIDS PARK, and AR.

MRX(Mixed Reality Extreme) PARK
Indoor Digital Racing Playpark people of all ages can enjoy

With the indoor positioning measurement system, interactive projection mapping and game contents production capabilities developed by MACROGRAPH, the indoor theme park provides wide variety of games in a large space, including racing.

DIGILOG based fun playground

With the original planning and advanced production technology, MACROGRAPH created KIDS PARK(DIGILOG),
a new concept playground that helps children to discover their innate sensitivity, various senses,
and multiple intelligences and enhance them through the interactive experience of various contents in the DIGILOG space.

AR(Augmented Reality)
MACROGRAPH develops the most advanced AR technology and produced contents for various fields

Based on our experience in various AR projects such as education, safety experience, geology, energy, national defense, museums, theme parks, games, etc., we devoted ourselves to develop and produce AR technologies and contents that create advanced social meaning and value.