A thousand masterpieces in a century

“Infinite imagination” the true joy of life.”

MACROGRAPH makes your imagination a reality. From the amazing experience on the screen to the world of virtual reality, we strive to bring joy to the world every day.

We have been proving ourselves through successfully participating in over 100 projects in a past decade, and we will continue our devotion for greater achievement in the world of VFX for upcoming century.


2019 MOVIE┃The Wandering Earth 유랑지구 •Top 2 Highest-Grossing Chinese Movie of All Time
2018 MOVIE┃Operation Red Sea 홍해행동 •Top 3 Highest-Grossing Chinese Movie of All Time
•Winner of Best VFX at “Tiantan Award” of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival
•Signed partnership pact with Huawei CLOUD for cloud VFX platform
2017 MOVIE┃ •The bombing 충칭대폭격
•Producing Korean, Chinese, and American Film, The largest VFX production ever in Korea.

•2017 MOVIE┃Wu Kong 손오공
2016 MOVIE┃The Mermaid 미인어 •The Mermaid Top 4 Highest-Grossing Chinese Movie of All Time
•2016 MOVIE┃Operation Mekong 오퍼레이션 메콩
2014 MOVIE┃The Monkey King 몽키킹 3 •The Monkey King The Highest- Grossing Chinese Movie in 2014
2014 MOVIE┃The Roaring Currents 명량
•The Admiral: Roaring Currents The Highest-Grossing Korean Movie of All Time
2013 MOVIE┃Journey to the West 서유기 •Journey to the West The Highest-Grossing Chinese Movie in 2013, Stephen Chow Film
•Awarded Science, ICT & Future Planning minister prize for Excellency in Research funded by Korean Government
2012 AWARDS ┃ •Recognized as one of hundred research institutes which excelled in Research funded by Korean Government, the Ministry of Sciene, ICT and Future Planning
•2012 MOVIE┃ Return to Base , R2B: 리턴투베이스
•First modern air warfare movie in Korea
2010 AWARDS ┃ •Awarded Knowledge Economy minister prize
2008 MOVIE┃The Forbidden Kingdom 포비든 킹덤 •The Forbidden Kingdom First Asian VFX studio to produce VFX for Hollywood
•Awarded commendation from minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
•Awarded commendation from National IT Industry Promotion Agency president
2007 ┃ Macrograph incorporates •2007 Macrograph incorporates
•2007 MACROGRAPH R&D Lab founded (Certification number : 20071900)
•2007 Winner of the Best Visual Effects at the 44th Daejong Film Awards (The Restless)
•2007 Won a VFX contract for Hollywood Film 「The Forbidden Kingdom」
•2007 Research corporation authorized (by minister of Science and Technology)
•2007 Paid-in capital increase (Capital Stock : 1.016 billion KRW)
•2007 Winner of the Best Visual Effects at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards, (The Restless)
2006 MOVIE ┃ •The Restless, For Horowitz, Hanbando
•Successfully completed digital actor R&D
•Awarded presidential commendation for Ministry of Science and Technology
2004 ┃ Digital Actor team formed in ETRI(Electronic Telecommunication Research Institue) •Awarded Information and Communication minister commendation