Cutting–Edge Software Solutions For Superior and Highest Quality VFX

MACROGRAPH increases the efficiency and creativity of high-quality video production pipelines.
We research and develop technologies that can be applied to new businesses, and provide optimal solutions for future content production environments.

Develop CG pipeline solution that can save cost by producing the best image with minimum production time

Offline based CG pipeline solution

By maximizing the efficiency of the production system, it is possible to shorten the working time and make cost effective production,
thus realizing the intention of the director as much as possible

Digital-actor production technology

Simulation and measurement technology

Software / System

Online-cloud based CG pipeline solution

MACROGRAPH maximizes efficiency of the production environment by minimizing the cost of communication
in each production stage beyond limited work space.
  • QueenBee
  • QueenBee, a Render Management Software, automatically uploads related files through scene file analysis
    to minimize render errors, and Real-time monitoring and notification capabilities enable efficient management of render status and thumbnail view of rendered tasks.
    Also, render results can be automatically downloaded locally to provide convenience, while cloud render nodes can be automatically expanded according to the amount of render work, reducing work time and increasing efficiency
  • Settlement and scheduling system
  • Settlement and scheduling system is a tool to generate statistics about the current statues of every VFX production in the studio.
    It has a “settlement function” that allows you to view input cost, profit, and loss during the production period, a “schedule management function” that allows you to check future schedule for each artist, and a “progress management function” that allows you to check progress for each project.
  • VFX Library
  • VFX Library is the S/W designed for the seamless management of the data necessary for the efficient VFX production.
    It is equipped with tag tree creation and setting, shopping cart, segment setting/downplay, asset galley, search, and manager functions. Currently, we are building three VFX libraries: image library, asset library, and reference library.
  • VeinNET
  • VeinNET manages all information about VFX production including VFX Asset/Sequence, Shot, Task, Version, and facilitates inspection of work results. In addition, it is connected with the settlement system that calculates the cost of the ongoing project based on the time spent on each task through job report, and it manages access rights to the task server through project setting for each individual to enhance security.

Real-time based CG pipeline solution

MACROGRAPH prepares advance stages of production efficiency by combining the latest technologies with real-time game engines.

Virtual Production / Realtime Production

MACROGRAPH LAB is developing a content production system that can create digital video content such as movies, TV series,
and animation in real-time using the “Unreal Engine”.

The latest game engine has the ability to produce high-quality images in real-time, thanks to development of hardware such as GPU and related software. Based on the above technology, we are developing a system that enables producers to confirm digital contents production in real-time. We are participating in pre-production of TV contents to ensure that above system is validated in production.

This system includes a tool chain solution between the game engine and the DCC (Digital Contents Creation) tool that enables efficient linkage with existing content production pipelines and game engine Plug-in Suite for video content creation.

With this system, much less system resources are required for production than existing digital content production methods, and it provides a greater degree of freedom in content creation, enabling a highly efficient production system compared to traditional methods.